Hermes Garden party 30 review

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Ever since I got the Hermes Garden Party 30 in June last year (unboxing video here) many of you on Instagram and on my Youtube channel have been requesting a review, so after having the bag for almost nine months and getting a feel for it I can finally do an authentic review on my Garden Party 30!

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2017 handbag wish list!


Hello everyone! Hope you had a great start in the new year. Today I wanted to share my 2017 handbag wish list with you, it is by no means a huge list since my handbag collection is almost complete thanks to purchases I made last year. There are only three handbags on my wish list for 2017 and funnily enough they each come from three different brands!

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Winter Essentials

When I first moved to London many years ago from sunny South Africa I found the colder months to be quite miserable to say the least. Then I moved to Switzerland and found the winter months to be even colder, which made winter a mostly moany and somewhat depressing time for me. It was not until a Swedish friend of mine told me about a popular saying they had in Sweden “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”, that I started to reassess my winter wardrobe choices. My friend was so right and after making that obvious change I don’t dread winter, instead I (almost) look forward to comfy, warm layers all bundled up and snug.

So with it already being December and the official start of winter I wanted to share key winter essentials that work for me.

Coats from L to R can be found here, here and here.

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