1. Start with shaping your nails to your desired preference I like square shaped nails that are rounded at the sides. 
2. Use an orange wood stick to gently push back your cuticles (if you have time soak them for a few minutes in a bowl of warm water before pushing them back).
3. Use the cuticle clipper to trim a little of the excess cuticle.
4. Apply your base coat on all nails don’t forget to cap the edges of your nails with each layer of polish you apply – this works well against chips.
5. Thinly apply the first coat of colour polish and use the orange wood stick to tidy up excess polish that runs onto skin or floods the cuticle area.
6. Apply your second coat thinly as well making sure to cap the edges.
7. Finally apply your top coat and let them dry! Try catching up on your favorite t.v show to keep you distracted for at least an hour or two. To extend the wear of your polish apply top coat the next day it will also add that freshly polished shine to your nails.
Do share your steps, tricks or tips for a basic manicure in the comments section below!

Neon or Nude Nails?

When it comes to nails are you more classic in your choices preferring soft, feminine colors like pale pinks and nudes? Or are you bolder in your choices choosing bright oranges and reds? Doing manicures for clients on a daily basis, I find that most women who like the soft pink/nude colors like OPI “Bubble Bath” rarely if ever would go for the neon orange like OPI “A roll in the hague”. Are you more experimental with your color choices or more traditional? 



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Happy Easter Holidays!

I made this simple Easter center piece with Curly Willow, yellow Forsythia and decorated eggs.

Just a quick morning post before we head of to Italy for Easter break! Whether you celebrate Easter or not I hope you will use this little break to relax, catch up with family and friends or finally start that wardrobe Spring clean you’ve been putting off! Markus and I are hoping to have a nice couple of days in Portofino and Cinque Terre. If you wanna follow our trip I will be updating my Instagram with holiday snaps xx