Collective Summer Luxury Haul

Hi everyone! Hope you had a good summer. I have been moving more into minimalism and curating a more classic wardrobe as you might have read in my last posts. This summer I acquired quite a few items that I have been wanting to get for quite a while now and finally managed to find. I am happy to report that my shoe collection of only 15 pairs of shoes is almost complete – only 3 more pairs of shoes to go! My next step is tackling my clothing and handbag collection.

If you enjoy haul videos and you would like to see what pieces I added to my collection then definitely check out my latest video on YouTube.


  1. Steph such nice haul collection! I enjoyed to watch the video and how you describe the items, very informative and fun. Love all of the items, hard to pick which one is my favorite, I guess it will be the Chanel in dark pink, Burberry trench coat and Chanel key holder!
    Hope you had nice birthday, so nice of Markus bought you such nice gift!!


  2. Dear Steffy, I loved your video haul – first, you look so beautiful, and I love your taste! The Chanel espadrilles are amazing, and the Saint Laurent sandals as well! I loved the short trench coat, never thought of a trench coat that short and I liked it very much! The Chanel pink bag is also great, like raspberry pink – love it! By the way, I saw you on a site – I think it was How to wear shorts. It’s in another language – I am always reading sites from different countries – and unfortunately I didn’t get the proper link, but if you write to them I am sure they will inform you! Hope you have a lovely week, I missed your posts!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment and for watching my video Denise! Thanks for letting me know about the site you saw me on, I will definitely have a look on there 🙂 Looking forward to catching up on your blog posts!